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Frequently Asked Questions

Why attend the CEMS Nordic Forum?

CEMS Nordic Forum is a great opportunity to expand your CEMS network, connect with companies, attend exciting social events, and learn more about new topics with CEMS corporate partners through Skills Seminars, while also giving you the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Copenhagen!

Who can attend the CEMS Nordic Forum?

All CEMS MIM Students are free to apply to participate in Nordic Forum! ​If you have finished your CEMS year, but have not received the official CEMS diploma, you can still apply for the Nordic Forum. 

What will the programme be like?

Besides the corporate events and the learning opportunities presented through the skill seminars, we will also offer a comprehensive social programme, where you can meet fellow CEMSies. In addition, the Nordic Forum will conclude with an unforgettable Gala! We will post the definitive schedule as soon as we've finished dealing with all details.

Will you be offering Skills Seminars?

Yes, we will be offering skills seminars each worth ECTS that can be counted towards your CEMS degree. Additionally, we will also be offering company interviews, workshops, and other activities.

Can I choose which Skills Seminar I participate in?

All applicants to CEMS Nordic Forum are free to select time slots in which they can participate in Skills Seminars. Participants will then be allocated to seminars and the final selection will be communicated after the end of the application period.​ Please be aware that once selected, Skills Seminars are mandatory to attend.

What is the cost of attending the Nordic Forum?

The Nordic Forum participation fee is 50 Euros, which already covers the cost of the Gala.


When and where can I apply? 

You can find the link to our registration form here:

The first registration period opens on Friday, 10th of February and ends on February 28th. The second registration period will open on March, 15th and will last until March 25th.  

What are the selection criteria? 

We select candidates based on their affiliation to the Nordics, their motivation, and their CV, as well as their progress within the CEMS master.

When will I know if I was selected? 

If you applied within the first registration period, the decision of acceptance will be made by March 10th. You will be given the chance to pay the Nordic Forum fee of 50€ by the 15th of March. The results of the second registration period will be released on the 31st of March. 

What is the cancellation and refund policy? 

Cancellations will not receive a refund. Please let us know if you cannot make it to the Nordic Forum as we have a long waiting list of applicants and we can let another person join instead. 

Cancelling participation in Nordic Forum

Applications for Nordic Forum may be withdrawn before the acceptance deadline (the email sent to confirm Nordic Forum acceptance). To withdraw an application, please contact

If participants are no longer able to participate in the CEMS Nordic Forum, beyond the acceptance period, participants should also be aware of CEMS guidelines on absence from Skill Seminars.

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