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The CEMS Nordic Forum

The CEMS Nordic Forum is the largest annual CEMS conference and career event in Scandinavia, organized on a rotating basis by the four Nordic CEMS schools: Aalto University, Copenhagen Business School, Norwegian School of Economics, and Stockholm School of Economics.

Up to 100 bright and ambitious students gather from all over the world and participate in 4 days full of learning, networking, meeting leading academic experts, and most importantly meeting our CEMS corporate partners​ by attending inspiring skill seminars and workshops.

This year, the CEMS Nordic Forum will be held at Copenhagen Business School from April 26th - 29th.

Image by Nick Karvounis


"Managing in Uncertain Times"

The global pandemic, the war between Ukraine and Russia, climate change, and a significant energy crisis have all led to increased uncertainty within the business world. Managers must take these events into consideration when making everyday decisions. The real question, however, is, how do they manage in these uncertain times? What tools do they use? And how can they mitigate the risk that follows the uncertainty?​

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